About the Wasatch Outlaws

Welcome to the Wasatch Outlaw Wheelers! We are a family oriented off-road 4x4 club based out of Ogden, Utah. No matter what you drive, you are welcome to attend meetings and club events.


Trail rides
Trail rides are scheduled every month in a variety of locations throughout Utah as well as out-of-state trips scheduled during the year including the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah and Winter On The Rocks in Souther Utah.
Club Meetings
Club meetings are held once a month to discuss upcoming events, instructional how-to’s, purchase club merchandise, and swap stories about past events. Those who had an "exceptional" whoops on a trail ride can get nominated for the Pink Cowbell!
Who can join?
Anyone with a Jeep, or other 4x4 vehicle, is eligible for membership. No modifications are required, we have many members with stock or near stock vehicles, but it does help if it is ready for the trail.
What if I've never been off-highway?
The club has many members, all with different levels of experience. Some are just learning the basics of four-wheeling, while others have been doing it for years. Every ride is safe, lead by experienced drivers, and fun for everyone!
Are there other activities?
We go camping several times a year and participate in community events, and every year we have a Christmas party with food, activities, and raffles where the proceeds help those in need.
What about the rest of my family?
We are a family oriented club. Wives, husbands, partners, kids, and other family members are welcome at all club activities.

We hope you will find a home and new friends with the Wasatch Outlaw Wheelers!


Become a Wasatch Outlaws Wheelers member and form great friendships with people who love that "off-road" experience.

Requirements to become a member

Joining the club is simple. Attend and participate in club events and monthly meetings and a current club member may nominate you for membership.

To become a member you must:

  • Have a valid Utah driver’s license
  • Participate in a minimum of two general meetings
  • Go on at least two club sanctioned events or trail runs
  • Own a legal operable four wheel drive vehicle

Once you have meet this criteria, you can be voted in by the club members through secret ballet. Then complete a membership application and pay the fee of $55.00 which includes dues for the first year, a club logo t-shirt, membership into the Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association, and vehicle tags.

You are now a Member of the Wasatch Outlaw Wheelers!

Contact us at for additional information.

Wasatch Outlaws Monthly Meetings

Meetings are 7:00pm the first Wednesday of each month. Everyone is welcome!

Ramblin Roads in South Ogden - 1765 E. Skyline , South Ogden UT

No Outside Food Permitted


Wasatch Outlaws Upcoming Events


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Land Use Issues

Get Involved In Land Use Issues And Help Keep Public Lands Open!

www.treadlightly.org or call 1-800-966-9900

Stay on designated trails. Be courteous to others you encounter. Leave a good Impression. It's up to you to become an ambassador for your sport and the great outdoors.

Our Mission: To promote responsible recreation through education.

To become a member of Tread Lightly!, go to www.treadlightly.org or call 1-800-966-9900.


The Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association is a non-profit orgainization dedicated to protecting access to public lands through education and stewardship.

If you enjoy off-pavement travel and adventure in a 4 wheel drive vehicle, we invite you to join us today!

To find out more about the Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association, go to www.u4wda.org.


The BlueRibbon Coalition champions responsible use of public lands and waters for the benefit of all recreationists through education and member empowerment.

Find action alerts relevant to Utah, and any other information bout recreation in your area.

Find out more at www.sharetrails.org/issues/utah.


If you would like more information about joining our club or are a business that would like to be a sponsor, please contact us.

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